The years of experience, and the extensive music knowledge that exists, ensures that every one of our clients and guests will leave the event with an experience second to none.

``My wife and I just had Fozzie Dj our wedding at the end of June and he was awesome. Very professional, very easy to deal with, talented and helped us out with so much more than just the music. He's great at reading the crowd, and putting in his own little touches on popular songs. Our wedding was upbeat and fun for the entire evening because of the music he was playing. Can't recommend him enough.``
– Brian Hanson
``This company & the owner are a true pleasure to work with. My clients are always impressed with his customer service & ability to read a crowd. When it comes to the top industry DJ's - Str84ward Entertainment is one of the best. Fazman - thank you for taking such great care of my/our clients throughout the years. From a YEG Wedding Planner.``
– Stephanie Howie
``We had a wonderful experience with Fozzie for my mom's wedding! He was great at helping them to choose the appropriate music for their crowd, and flexible with special requests. As a wedding photographer I get to experience a LOT of dances, and I happily recommended Fozzie to my mom! I always enjoy working with him and he was perfect for her wedding. Very professional and lots of fun!``
– Haley Shandro
Str84ward Entertainment is a Wedding Entertainment Company that provides DJ, Sound, Lighting & Bartender services for Weddings, as well as birthdays, corporate events, and various other celebrations that require musical entertainment.

Music is by far the most important element of any celebration.  We have 20+ years of experience, and have mastered multiple genres of music including, but not limited to, Top 40, Country, Rock, Hip-Hop & Rn’B, Old School Jams, 80’s, Dance, Reggae/Reggaeton, Bollywood, Bhangra and other cultures.  The years of experience, and the extensive music knowledge that exists, ensures that every one of our clients and guests will leave the event with an experience second to none.

Excellence in the delivery of our services is reflected through the emphasis we place on professionalism and customer service. We want to be known for being the most professional entertainment vendor and that’s why we take the extra steps for our clients. Our excellence is reflected through our punctuality, rapid correspondence, professional attire, and constant focus on maintaining positive relationships with both clients and guests before, during, and after each event.

Our passion for the craft radiates through our performances, and our fundamental values guarantee that our music, innovation and excellence in entertainment service delivery will be legendary.


We know how important it is to find the right entertainment to deliver a fun filled night of music and dancing at your corporate or social event.


Your wedding is unique. Hiring a professional DJ that understands you and represents you with professionalism and quality can seem like a daunting task.

Our fun and experienced team will guide you through the booking and planning process with ease. With our team of expert DJ entertainers, you can rest assured that every detail of your special day will flow perfectly. We constantly strive to exceed your expectations delivering your vision of the day.


Your wedding ceremony sets the tone and Str84ward Entertainment will personalize and coordinate every aspect of it. Your guests will arrive to a thoughtful ambient musical setting and begin to anticipate what will be the greatest moment of your lives.
We understand the importance to be discreet with our set up, have the best quality of sound for your officiant, and for your vows to be heard by all your guests. Having all your special songs orchestrated and transitioned perfectly will set the stage for an unforgettable celebration.


From the cocktail party to the dance party, Str84ward Entertainment will see to every detail of the event, no matter how small to ensure the event flows perfectly and that you look great! Guaranteed fun for all!
Our DJ entertainers are also professional MCs and are happy to act as your host, make announcements as required, and play fun, interactive games to generate excitement or to give away door prizes to your guests. This is done in a professional manner and in alignment with your vision and goals for the event!


LED lights is a great way to transform a room with warm vibrant colours, by placing them around the room or even a backdrop. Our Up-Lights are capable of matching your colour theme.



One of the primary reasons you may want to have a photo booth at your wedding reception is that it offers an amazing source of entertainment for your guests. Your guests will appreciate having an opportunity to leave their table and interact with one another while they take some photos.

When you offer a photo booth for your wedding guests, you are giving them an easy way to make and take their own mementos from the event. Sure, the day should be all about the bride and groom, but the guests are often having fun, making their own memories too. You may have some couples and groups that would like the chance to take a special photo as a keepsake of the fun they had that day.

With a photo booth offering great mementos for your guests, you may be able to avoid offering your guests any other type of wedding favor. After all, each wedding guest can go home with their own personalized photo. Ultimately, having a photo booth will take some of the guesswork and effort out of the favors.

The final reason to invest in a photo booth for your wedding reception is because it is both classic and modern, making it appropriate for wedding guests of all ages. Your older relatives will enjoy the nostalgia of a photo booth. Adults will love it because it gives them a chance to be playful and create unique candid shots. And kids will enjoy every moment of having their own photo shoots!

Bonus Tip: Booking your photo booth with Str84ward Entertainment Ltd. not only guarantees your getting amazing quality, but top of the line technology!
Our photo booth offers more than just photos, they capture the moments with video, gif, slow motion, boomerang and much more with our state-of-the-art interactive booth!